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Boon Derma has a Team of Skilled Doctors & Surgeons who understands your every Aesthetic needs. Our Experienced Skin and Hair Experts (Dermatologist & Cosmetologist) assure you of the most natural Hair & Skin Care. Dental Experts (Orthodontist, Endodontist, Oral Surgeon & Dentists) revamp your Smile through Dental Care Treatments. We have Experienced Physiotherapists & Slimming Professionals cater your Physiotherapy & Slimming Care Treatments. Cosmetic & Plastic Surgeons Understand your Cosmetic problems and treat you with the best care. Our Front Desk Team & Support Staff Team Patiently listens and resolves your concerns.


Dental Care Treatments

⦁ Mole
⦁ warts removal
⦁ all Dental treatment

Hair Care Treatments

⦁ Hair falls
⦁ Hair regrowth
⦁ Prp
⦁ Hair transplant

Laiser Treatment

⦁ Permanent Hair removal
⦁ Tattoo removal
⦁ Laser peeling
⦁ Hydrofaceal
⦁ Face prp
⦁ Acne scars
⦁ Acne treatment

Skin Treatment

⦁ Skin glowing
⦁ Chemical peel for skin
⦁ Skin Tenning

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Yes, Dermatologists perform effective skin treatments on every type of skin. They are highly trained doctors who help the patient in diagnosing and treating a wide variety of hair, skin, and nail-related problems. Expert Dermatologists perform many different treatments, procedures & medicines to solve specific skin conditions and improve the beauty of your skin.

12 Most Common Dental Treatments at a dental clinic in Noida.

  1. Teeth Cleanings (Oral Prophylaxis)
  2. Dental Implant
  3. Smile Designing
  4. Orthodontic Treatment
  5. Teeth Whitening & Bleaching
  6. Tooth Jewelry
  7. Aesthetic Laminates
  8. Pediatric Dentistry
  9. Crowns Bridges Dentures
  10. Tooth Colored Restoration
  11. Oral Cancer Screening
  12. Painless Root Canal

  1. Face Lift (rhytidectomy)
  2. Lip Lift
  3. Thread Lift
  4. Vampire Facelift
  5. Nasal surgery (rhinoplasty)
  6. Fat Grafting
  7. Scar Removal/Revision
  8. Ear Lobe Repair
  9. Mole/Wart Removal
  10. Tattoo Removal
  11. Double Chin Removal
  12. Dimple Creation


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